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I've been a teacher and mentor since 2002, helping writers and readers at all ages and stages to explore and develop the powers of their own poetic imagination.
  • Interested in enriching your life through poetry, whether reading it, writing it, or both? I offer small group workshops and one-on-one consultations to help you do just that.
  • Ready to (re)kindle your own creative practice? Let me help you fire up those embers of idea you know are in you, waiting for their moment. Writing prompts and triggering activities of all kinds will get you reconnecting with the power and surprise of the language of poetry.
  •  Have a group of poems you'd like feedback on? Tell me how I can help: from individual poem consultation to substantial manuscript development and revision.
  • Book club looking to invite poetry to the table? I'm happy to visit! I can guide discussion on titles you choose or  recommend things I think you will enjoy -- or I can talk about my own work; it's up to you.
Please contact me for more information. Email susan[at]susangillis[dot]ca
Fees are calculated on an hourly or contract basis depending on the type of service requested.

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