I'm a Montreal-based poet, teacher and an editor, and a member of the collaborative group Yoko's Dogs.

I spend a lot of time in rural Ontario, where I do most of my writing. I'm inspired by people and stories: how we live in the world and what we make of it for better or worse. 

Look for my books The Rapids, Volta (winner of the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry), Swimming Among the Ruins, and (with Yoko's Dogs) Whisk, and the chapbook Twenty Views of the Lachine Rapids and my newest collection, The Sky These Days, a letterpress chapbook hand made by printer and publisher Hugh Barclay at Thee Hellbox Press.

Visit Concrete & River for a glimpse into the lives and work of poets I'm reading.

Photos of Susan Gillis and Yoko's Dogs by Terence Byrnes. 

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